Work with Me

Work with Me

{I’m Mimi}

Welcome to The Storied Spoon, a food, photography, and writing website for people who want a fun and creative approach to rustic, old-world comfort food, baking recipes, and Croatian-Turkish classics, all made with unique flavors and styles.

If we naturally align, I would love to explore working with you and bringing your brand to my site and audience.

I am happy to offer my services as a published writer, food photographer, and recipe developer, as well as offer brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts/content and Instagram partnerships.

During my many lifetimes, I have worked in filmmaking, business affairs, writing/editing, the wellness industry, and as a massage therapist (it’s a great story…). I am dedicated to a full-time living as a writer, photographer, and content creator in the world of home, travel, and all things culinary!

Reach out and drop a line any time! For more information, please email maryanalvestic[at]